About BattleDudes.io

BattleDudes.io is an online multiplayer 2D shooter game with a completely destructible map. The game has various gamemodes and maps, drivable vehicles, many weapon and perks combinations. This is one of the best 2d shooter games on GameIndex.io! It has very positive player reviews and an active community on Discord, which you can reach from the in-game discord link.

Destructible Map

Battledudes map is fully destructible so there are infinite tactical opportunities to attack your enemies. Each wall, building or object can be destroyed with enough firepower! For tactical wall deconstruction you can use the Repair Gun. While it's primary function is to repair vehicles, it is also great at destroying walls so you can flank your enemy from an unexpected angle.


To traverse the game's map quickly you can use driveable vehicles like the Jeep and Tank. While driving the tank you can shoot from it's turret, blasting houses and other players. When your friend is driving the jeep you can shoot from the passenger seat. In water maps there are boats that can fit up to 4 people so you can coordinate an attack with your friends.

Weapons and Perks

The game features over 20 selectable weapons. Each gun is different in it's stats - damage, bullet speed, fire rate, damage falloff, accuracy, magazine size and so on. You can view these stats in the loadout menu while selecting your prefered one. There are also multiple loadout slots so you can change on the fly while respawning in the game! Whats more, apply up to two perks to customise your character to better suit your playstyle. Perks can increase your movement speed, hp, damage, reload speed, weapon switch speed and many more.

Hats and Emotes

BattleDudes has dozens of hats to personalize your character! Hats and emotes and other cosmetic items can be purchased in the in-game store for either the Coins currency or Gems currency. Coins are acquired by playing the game and Gems can be bought or acquired from the free battle pass.

Play with friends

The party system ensures that you can play in the same lobby with your buddies. Either create or join a party from the Play Menu and work together in team gamemodes or against each other in free-for-all gamemodes. Joining a party also allows you to see your friends on the minimap and know their health points at all times.

Battle Pass

Level up the in-game BattlePass and obtain new hats, emotes and Gems! Purchase the Premium BattlePass to be unlock access to the full Battle Pass and be able to get the best emotes and cosmetics.

Stats and Leaderboards

Compete with other player all over the world in the leaderboards which count your Kills, Wins, K/D ratio, Killstreaks, KPG, XP points and more! The leaderboard has many filters so you can check out exactle the stats that you want.